Wired camera crane ( jib ) remote head electronics, for DC motors

Ábel István  ©2010

this jib remote head driver was made for Gestaműhely, a hungarian independent film team in Szombathely,
for the 6 m crane made by RedMonkey ( Norbert Kiss ) :-) their crane and dolly available
for rental, with or without operator for filming of events ( weddings, concerts ... )
some short clips of them are found later on this page :-)
a modified version is currently being used on the remote head made by Norbert Zsargó
in Veszprém the nicely machined versions of the remote head and
quality steadycam clones are available for sale :-)

Video ( film ) kameradaru motoros fej távvezérlés, ( az oldal magyar verziója )

The jib remote head driver made for Red Monkey and Pici Maci, is based on a microcontroller and primarilly engineered to be used from 12V nominal car battery. In areas with electrical grid connections ( home or studio ), also usable from a switch mode power supply, and in recent versions accepts supply voltages from 10 .. 18 V. The driver is a metal box, wich contains two identical electrical panels for two channels ( X - Y ), optionally equipped with a third channel ( Z ) into a bigger case. Each channel's DC motor speed is adjustable with a joystick which range is adjustable with a potentiometer. Depending on remote head installation-layout motor direction may be reversed with a switch. Joystick-excursion characteristics may be selected as linear or exponential. In the extended version of this driver, a separate fader potmeter is available instead/together with the joystick for longer, steady, low speed movements, the selection of the input source is made with button push. The device is constructed to be robust enough for profession usage, actual failure rate is to be determined yet. On request changes to the electronics are available ( for example remote control with R/C transmitter ), please contact me in ai1@freemail.hu.

camera crane remote head driver, v1.01   camera crane remote head driver, v1.0
this is the second version :-) photos are looking better this way

  • speed range setting potentiometers
  • push buttons for calibration and mode selection
  • selector swith for linear / exponential joystick curve mode

  • are mounted on the driver case
    this is the first version

  • potentiometers
  • push buttons
  • linear / exponential switch

  • is mounted on the joystick case

    Joystick selection is based on user preferences :-)
    the joystick input can be "tuned" to the selected joystick, inside the driver case.

  • the first version was fitted with an old PC joystick, the joystick potentiometers were weared out heavily, but to satisfy customer needs the joystick
    was fitted with Hall effect rotation sensors, which means less wear-out during usage, much less wear out I mean :-)
  • the second version was fitted with high cycle life potmeter type joystick
  • theoretically industrial quality Hall sensor joysticks are also selectable, but this pushes the final price a little bit further :-)

    Some modifications on the driver are considered :-)

  • higher motor voltage system ( for 24 V batteries )
  • encoder inputs for closed loop speed control ( servo drive )
  • PPM input for remote control by R/C model transmitters
  • some kind of serial input, RS-232
  • version for higher motor current ( 16 A steady state ( 32 A for few minutes )) also with battery polarity reversal and overvoltage protection.

    You may ask me questions or leave comments on my email address, or on the +36 (29) 351-678 phone.

    Some pictures and videos from Szombathely and Veszprém :-),
    these are the works of Norbert Kiss and Norbert Zsargó.

    crane, dolly rental and shooting of music clips, local events, weddings in HD quality -> Szombathely -> Norbert Kiss
    crane, remote head, steadycam -> Veszprém -> Norbert Zsargó.

    The first crane was designed and built and now used by Redmonkey in Szombathely :-)
    some pictures from the crane below, furthers on www.redmonkey.hu -n.

    Red Monkey's 6 m long camera crane with remote head
    Red Monkey's 6 m long crane ( image ), with Hall sensor joystick :-)

    Red Monkey's 6 m long camera crane with remote head video
    Red Monkey's 6 m long crane, video on YouTube

    RedMonkey's HD video with crane and dolly, in a stone mine :-)
    Red Monkey's HD video made with his crane and dolly in a stone mine on YouTube :-)
    this worth watching even you aren't interested in camera cranes at all :-)

    RedMonkey ( Norbert Kiss ) other works on YouTube and on vimeo :-)

    Pici Maci's crane is in Veszprém, some photos and
    videos are available on veszcam.extra.hu.

    remote head joystick
    original Pici Maci grip with joystick :-)

    camera crane remote head
    Pici Maci's HD video from his crane and remote head on YouTube :-)

    Pici Maci's ( Norbert Zsargó ) further videos on YouTube :-)

    You may ask me questions and leave comments in email or by phone +36 (29) 351-678.